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Propensity Score Analysis in the Context of Complex Survey Data


Researchers and statisticians frequently use propensity score analyses (PSA) to analyze observational datasets and reduce the impact of confounding due to observed covariates. In many of these applied studies, nationally representative population-based complex survey datasets are frequently used. Most of these studies incorrectly choose to ignore the complex survey design features; partly because there is a lack of clear guidelines of how PSA should be implemented in a complex survey data analysis context. Only a few relatively recent studies have examined how to incorporate PSA in this context, and some of these recommendations are contradictory, inconclusive, or not generalizable to all types of PSA. This workshop will help recognize some of the challenges and open questions in the 'big data' analysis setting. The workshop is aimed at practitioners and is particularly focused on demonstrating the implementation of PSA in a complex survey data analysis context through an illustrative data analysis exercise.


Background in causal inference or survey data analysis is not required. Attendees should have prerequisite knowledge of multiple regression analysis and working knowledge in R (e.g., basic data manipulation and regression fitting). In the workshop, R will be the primary software package used to demonstrate the implementations. The provided software codes will be annotated and basic steps will be explained for those who prefer to use other software packages.



recommend taking a look at the following sections for some background knowledge:

Pre-workshop Quiz

Sample Data Source

Software Requirements

It is assumed that you have the following software packages installed. Workshop does not provide any installation support. Note that, bringing a laptop is not mandatory. But if the participant would like to browse through the workshop slides (as well as check out other materials) in their own laptop, they are welcome to bring a laptop that is adequately charged (enough outlet may not be available).

Sample Code Chunks:

Code of some of the analyses shown in the workshop. Feel free to take a look at them beforehand if you wish. Code for installing required packages are provided at the top of each code chink

In-workshop Quiz: