Webinar Materials

Introduction to Causal Inference: Propensity Score Analysis in Healthcare Data


This webinar will focus on learning causal inference approaches in a healthcare data analysis context with a particular focus on explaining the application of propensity score analysis in a real-world data analysis context. The session will outline how these analyses are different than conventional regression methods and will address key assumptions/diagnostics of these models.



Background in causal inference is not required. Attendees should have prerequisite knowledge of multiple regression analysis and working knowledge in R (e.g., basic data manipulation and regression fitting). In the webinar, R will be the primary software package used to demonstrate the implementations.

Sample Data Source

To learn more about the research case example and related training dataset that will be used for this webinar session, please see the following web links:

Webinar files

Software Requirements

It is assumed that you have the following software packages installed. Webinar does not provide any installation support. Note that, working on software during the webinar is not mandatory. But if the participant like, they are welcome to browse through the webinar slides (as well as check out other materials) in their own laptop.