Supervision (Current, Alumni, Prospective)

Not available to supervise at the moment

Quota filled up at the moment; at capacity. Also not available to serve any new supervisory committee.

Don’t apply until the status changes on this website. Following are applicable when I become available to supervise again.

Instructions to Apply

Graduate students in statistics, biostatistics, epidemiology, economics or computer science with strong methodological expertise in statistics (as well as statistical computing) are encouraged to contact me directly; particularly those with some of the following skills:

Applications without the components mentioned below will not be considered. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please do not email multiple times.

Interested candidates should email me (at my UBC email address) the following:

  1. a cover letter (2 pages max), mentioning all of the following:
  1. a complete CV, including
  1. full publication record (particularly list publications in methodological (statistical and epidemiological) journals in separate sections, if any)
  1. copy of the unofficial transcripts (post-secondary), and
  2. If you are coming from an institution where English is not used as the first language, also include your TOEFL (iBT), IELTS or equivalent scores in your CV.


Trainees (Present and Alumni)

Name and website link Research Interests or Bio Image
Christopher Andrew Basham, SPPH, Graduated in 2021, Thesis C. Andrew Basham is a tuberculosis (TB) epidemiologist with a background in Environmental and Urban Studies (BA) from the University of Winnipeg. Under the supervision of Drs. Ehsan Karim and James Johnston, Andrew has completed his doctoral research on TB survivor health using causal inference methods with health administrative data. He is currently a research fellow at the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Md. Belal Hossain, SPPH, transferred from MSc Belal Hossain is a Ph.D. student at the School of Population and Public Health, University British Columbia. Under Dr. Karim’s guidance, Belal has been working with causal inference methods to estimate treatment effects in trials with incomplete medication adherence, integrating machine learning approaches within the framework of causal inference, and applying/adapting these innovative and emerging techniques in real-life epidemiological data analysis. His current research interests include biostatistics and epidemiology, focusing on causal inference from observational studies and clinical trials with medication nonadherence, and machine learning and deep learning approaches in risk score prediction from a large healthcare database. His PhD work is focused on causal inference in tubercolosis data.
Fardowsa Yusuf, SPPH Multiple sclerosis, data mining, clustering; jointly supervised with Helen Tremlett. Awarded the CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award for her research on the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) prodrome.
Hanna Frank, SPPH Hanna Frank is an PhD student at the UBC School of Population and Public Health. She gained a background in mathematics, statistics, and computer science through the completion of a BSc in mathematical sciences at the University of British Columbia. Her research interests focus on the use of data science in health care, and she is currently working on a project looking at the use of machine learning in propensity score methods in epidemiology. Her application area is multiple sclerosis.
Name and website link Research Interests or Bio Image
Eric Sanders, Statistics, Graduated 2019, Thesis After completing BSc in Statistics at Queen’s University and MSc in Statistics with a Biostatistics specialization at the University of British Columbia (MSc thesis jointly supervised by Prof. Paul Gustafson and Dr. Ehsan Karim), Eric Sanders is now a PhD student at the University of Toronto.
Lucy Mosquera, Statistics, Graduated 2020, Thesis Lucy Mosquera has a background in biology and mathematics, having completed her BSc at Queen’s University in Kingston and her MSc in statistics at the University of British Columbia. Lucy’s MSc. thesis compared causal inference methods to recover the true effect of receiving a new treatment when trial participants do not adhere to the treatment protocol. Currently, she is focused on methods to make better use of existing data through synthetic data generation to enable widespread data sharing at the start-up Replica Analytics.
Mohammad Abdullah Heel Kafi, SPPH, Graduated 2021, Thesis Effect modification in propensity score
Momenul Haque Mondol, SPPH, Ongoing Data science in health science
Name Research Interests and activities
Jingyi Huang, Statistics, Graduated 2018 Simulating complex cross-sectional and longitudinal data based on hypothesized causal diagrams; jointly supervised with Hubert Wong. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she joined as a Biostatistics M.Sc. Student at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
Yang Qu, Statistics Data wrangling (R, Python)
An Hoang, Foresry Data wrangling (R, Python)
Yuanhong Zhang Deep learning in causal inference
Mohammad Barrichello Hafiizh Noor Deep learning in structural data and visualization
Chuyi (Astra) Zheng Data wrangling (R), simulation and systematic review
Name Research Interests Department
Michael Asamoah-Boaheng, CORSIP, Started 2021 Discriminant analysis, Classification, time series, epidemiology, medical statistics. Jointly supervised by Brian Grunau. UBC Emergency Medicine
Name Research Interests Primary Supervisor Program Department Graduation Year
Mohammad Atiquzzaman Osteoarthritis, mediation analysis, plasmode simulation Aslam Anis PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences 2019, Thesis
Steve Kanters Network meta analysis, Bayesian analysis, IPD, HIV Nick Bansback PhD SPPH 2019, Thesis
Molly Sweeney Magee Colorectal Cancer and missing data Trevor Dummer PhD SPPH 2021, Thesis
Derek Ouyang Stepped-wedge Trial, and power Hubert Wong PhD SPPH 2021, Thesis
Katherine McLeod Prison health policy, time-dependent modelling Jane Buxton PhD SPPH 2021, Thesis
Dahn Jeong Hepatitis C and time-dependent modelling, causal inference Naveed Janjua PhD SPPH ongoing
Randip Gill Childhood Poverty, Immigration, Mental Health, Educational Trajectories Anne Gadermann PhD SPPH ongoing
Kamila Romanowski Tuberculosis long-term impacts and trajectories James Johnson PhD Respiratory Medicine ongoing
Jialin Han Addressing missing data in longitudinal health data Adeera Levin and Sean Barbour PhD Experimental Medicine ongoing
Taraneh Bahremand Utilization and safety studies of inhaled pharmacotherapies in COPD Mohsen Sadatsafavi MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences 2021, Thesis
Liang Xu Stepped-wedge trial and sample size Hubert Wong MSc SPPH 2022, Thesis
Stephen van Gaal Carotid endarterectomy, administrative data, data science and data mining Jason Sutherland MSc SPPH Ongoing
Sebastian Santana Actionable Population-Level Metrics and Estimate Risk Factors for Migrant Subpopulations Anne Gadermann MSc SPPH ongoing